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 Friends Referral Programme 

Year of Tiger buddy up!
 Invite friends to earn 33 USDT 

Kikitrade C2C function is launched now! Join KIKI Lunar New Year celebration together.

Invite friends to make a 1st time deposit with a minimum of 1,300 USDT on Kikitrade C2C.

Your friend will earn 20 USDT and you will earn 13 USDT as a reward!

Invite your friends to join the HK’s Leading Social Crypto investment platform & community

Starting from 2022 / 02 / 07 11:00 (GMT+8), you can get 13 USDT rebate by inviting your friends to make a 1st deposit with a minimum of 1,300 USDT via Kikitrade C2C! Your friend will receive 20 USDT as a reward. Share your code now!

[ Example ] If Alan invites Ben, Calvin, and David to participate in the C2C event, Ben, Calvin, and David will receive 20 USDT respectively and Alan will earn 13* 3 = 39 USDT. Terms & Conditions applied
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Share your invitation code to your friends

Share your invitation code with your friends.
You'll get
13 USDT (~HK100/ NT350) reward after your friend has successfully deposited over 1,300 USDT via C2C. If you’ve referred 10 friends and all of them have deposited over 1,300 USDT via C2C , you'll get 130 USDT (~HK1,000/NT3,500) rewards!
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Share to more friends, earn more!

Your friend can get 20 USDT (~HK150/ NT525) reward after successful deposit over 1,300 USDT via C2C.

Remember that both of you can continue to invite more friends to earn unlimited USDT rewards!
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How to invite friends?

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Go to HOME page > Personal Center

Click the icon on the top left of the homepage to enter your Personal Center.

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Click into the friend invitation banner

Click the “Invite Friends” banner to enter the friends referral event page.

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Share your invitation link or invitation code

Share the “Invitation link” with your friends. Joining Kikitrade via the link will get 20 USDT!

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Your friends register with your invitation code

Your friends can also sign up with your invitation code and win the reward with you!