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Share your invitation link/poster to your friends or share to your social media. Let your friends complete the registration quickly and easily.
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Invite your friends to register Kikitrade with your invitation code. You will get 300 fuel points when your friends completed KYC1.

Terms and Conditions

1. Invitee must fill in invitation code before registration. Once completing registration, invitation code cannot be refilled or changed.
2. Rewards will be settled at the end of each month. The rewards will be sent to your wallet within 5-10 working day.
3. Any questions about the event, please contact Kikitrade customer service.
4. Kikitrade reserves the final interpretation of the activity and will have the right to take any necessary action against any unusual access.
5. This activity is not related to Apple Inc.
If you have any enquiries, our Kikitrade Customer Support team is on hand to help you. In-App Chat: 【Personal Center】-【Other Settings】-【Contact Us】 or email us: