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Mission 1

Complete Kikitrade registration and KYC1 verification

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KYC1 verification



Mission 2

First deposit of 500-1,299 USDT

single deposit≥ $ 500 - 1,299

Get10 USDT

First deposit of 1,300 USDT (or above)

single deposit≥ $ 1,300

Get32 USDT


Mission 3

First post to the Kikitrade community

(The content of the post is not limited but has to follow the community rules, any users whose post violates the community rules will be disqualified.)

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Reminder: The missions need to be completed in order. You are eligible to participate in Mission 2 only if you have completed Mission 1.

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Download Kikitrade via the invitation link, complete registration and KYC1 verification.After completing the first deposit of 1,300 USDTYou can get 32 USDT Deposit Reward and 20 USDT Invitation RewardYour friend can get 13 USDTYou and your friend can earn 65 USDT reward together
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You can also invite your friends UNLIMITEDLY after becoming a user in Kikitrade. You will also earn 13USDT for every friend you invited. Invite more, earn more!

First Deposit Mission Details

1. The deposit must be first-time deposit with a minimum of 1,300 USDT. The deposit amount will not be accumulated even if the deposit amount exceeds the deposit requirement.
2. The deposit must be a first-time deposit with a minimum of 1,300 USDT from invitee. Inviter and invitee will receive the reward. It must be USDT deposit via C2C or cryptocurrency deposit. Non-first-time depositors (means the invitee who have deposited fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies via other channels on this platform) are not eligible to get reward.
3. Invitee will receive reward in 5 - 10 working days after the deposit is successful.
4. Reward will be deposited into Wallet - Financial Account.
5. Invitee can participate in all deposit activities at the same time if they are qualified. The rewards will be distributed at the same time.


I have deposited over 1300 USDT but without KYC1 verification, am I still eligible to collect the rewards to First Deposit Mission?
A1: No. First Deposit Mission only applies to user accounts that have neither completed KYC1 or deposited, on/before 2022/4/13 (UTC+8). Otherwise you are not eligible to collecting the First Deposit Mission rewards.
I have verified with KYC1 and invited friends to register with my invitation code, why don't I get any rewards?
A2: You will need to complete the missions sequentially in order to unlock rewards of the referral missions.
If I deposited 1300 worth of USD or another cryptocurrencies, am i eligible to getting the rewards of First Deposit Mission's 2nd mission?
A3: No. Since First Deposit Mission's 2nd mission limited to a single USDT deposit reaching the bar. If it's not the first deposit, or that if you deposit USDT after your first one, both would be deemed ineligible.
I have completed First Deposit Mission's mission 1 and 2 with a single deposit of 1300 USDT on 2022/07/20 sequentially, when will I be able to received and withdraw the rewards?
A4: The calculation period of First Deposit Mission will be at the end of each month i.e. 2022/07/31 and the distribution of rewards will take place in 5-10 business days i.e. no later than 2022/08/12. Meanwhile extra deposit for trading or withdrawing are available as long as the net deposit amount stays above the limit of redeeming beginner's mission 2 rewards (Total deposit amount - Total withdrawal amount) all the way until the end of the mission period.
If I immediately deposit 1300 USDT right after I apply for KYC1, am I eligible to First Deposit Mission's mission rewards?
A5: No, as First Deposit Mission requires completion in sequential order, KYC1 must be verified before moving on to mission 2. As KYC1 could take up 1-5 business days, and your account has been flagged as risky or insufficient supporting document etc, the verification process might take even longer case by case.

Terms and Conditions

1. Invitee must fill in invitation code before registration. Once completing registration, invitation code cannot be refilled or changed.
2. If more missions are completed during the review period, the reward will be issued altogether. During the review, if the net deposit amount does not reach the specified requirement, invitee will be disqualified.
3. The deposit method is limited to Kikitrade's existing USDT deposit channels. If the deposit is not the first deposit, users are not eligible for this participation.
4. The rewards for this event will be settled at the end of each month. The rewards will be sent to the Wallet within 5-10 working days.
5. Any questions about the event, please ask
6. Kikitrade reserves the final interpretation of the activity and will have the right to take any necessary action against any unusual access.
7. This activity is not related to Apple Inc.
If you have any enquiries, our Kikitrade Customer Support team is on hand to help you. In-App Chat: 【Personal Center】-【Other Settings】-【Contact Us】 or email us: